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Start Flying Now!Amanda Over Flying Over WV State Fair

Getting Started:

Updated October 8, 2017

 Eagles’ Wings Flight Training

Recently new flight trainee Amanda Baker over the West Virginia State Fair on her third flying lesson.

Welcome to the Sky! Your instructor will need to verify your United States citizenship before you can receive flight training “which can count toward your license.” This is done by obtaining a copy of your birth certificate, along with your drivers license, (or some other government-issued ID), or your Passport alone can serve as your proof of citizenship. That’s really all you need to start.



Your instructor will probably sell you a log book for about $10, where record of your official flight time is recorded. Certain elements of flight training and knowledge instruction have to be recorded before you fly solo, others before going on solo cross-country flights, and special review in preparation for your final Practical Test.

Before You Solo!

You must have logged flight instruction given by an instructor certified for the type of license you are seeking, Sport Pilot, Private Pilot, etc.

You are required to take a LOCALLY ADMINISTERED KNOWLEDGE TEST pertaining to the operation and performance of the airplane you are using, as well as the Airport environment in which you are flying. Certain aeronautical and emergency information is included in this exam.


 You MUST go online to https://iacra.faa.gov/IACRA/Default.aspx (Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application) web site, and register as an IACRA user. You will receive an FTN number, and you will set up a user name and password. Next, you submit a STUDENT PILOT APPLICATION. A list of your flight time is not required to obtain a Student Pilot Certificate. Your instructor (or other Certifying Officer) will go online and verify your citizenship and English proficiency. Then you electronically sign the application. Finally, your instructor signs it. You should receive a temporary Student Pilot Certificate by email in about a week, and your plastic “STUDENT PILOT CERTIFICATE” within a few weeks.


For most aircraft (except Light Sport Aircraft and gliders), YOU MUST have a THIRD CLASS MEDICAL CERTIFICATE BEFORE you solo. This is obtained from certain doctors called Aviation Medical Examiners. A list of those nearest to your area may be found on the Internet.


Eagles’ Wings Flight Training and many other aircraft rental entities require you to have “RENTER’S INSURANCE” before you fly alone. Such insurance covers YOUR liability in any aircraft you are legally flying. It is not specific to one certain airplane. You will need personal liability insurance and “HULL COVERAGE” of at least $20,000 to fly our Cessna 150 solo. Such insurance probably cost about $320 per year. 

DAvid Hersman with Amanda Baker

After you solo:

You will be flying a lot of the time without your instructor, to build your skill, confidence, and knowledge of your home area. When appropriate, you will still be flying with your instructor to master more advances techniques and precision.

Get plenty of solo time and use it for meaningful practice. That will reduce the amount of Dual Instruction you need to meet the standards for a Pilot’s License. HAPPY FLYING!

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Getting off the Ground

Since this new "Getting Started" page is oriented toward simple basic info on how to get off the ground soon, I am including a few pictures of one of my most recent enthusiastic flight students. This is Amanda.

Amanda Preflight Inspection

Amanda is doing a "Preflight Inspection" and using a checklist before starting the engine. Many safety procedures are built into our training from the start.

Amanda Fuel Check

Amanda Checklist

YOU could be the next one wearing a big smile like this! That's what pilots do!

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